About Me

Antonio Amendolea

My name is Antonio Matteo Amendolea, I am a composer and sound designer with four years of experience in the industry. I completed my studies at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, majoring in Music and Performing Arts. During the same period, I attended the Academy of Composition and Sound Design for Film, TV, and Video Games in Turin.

My passion for creating music and sounds has guided my career, leading me to collaborate on various successful projects in the world of audiovisual production and video games.

I am proficient in the use of high-level audio production software and tools (with professional certifications), including Steinberg Cubase 13, Ableton Live 11, Izotope RX10, Unreal Engine 5,FMOD and Wwise.

 I am known for my creative and innovative approach to composition and sound design, constantly seeking new inspirations and solutions to create unique sonic experiences.

(I make beats)